Kelly Ripa & Tom Colicchio teach me how to get ‘Party Ready’

Contributed by Lindsay Feinberg, The Lunch Belle
Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 2:49PM

As I approached the black Lincoln Town Car, I saw a sign prominently displayed in the passenger-side window with big, bold letters that read, “The Lunch Belle.”  Wow, I feel like a movie star!  “Greetings, ma’am,” said my driver.  “Hello sir,” I replied.  As we drove off, I couldn’t stop smiling.  For I, The Lunch Belle, was one of seventeen lucky bloggers invited to attend ‘Are You Party Ready,’ a campaign sponsored by Electrolux in support for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF), an organization that funds research to find a method of early detection and, ultimately, a cure for ovarian cancer.      

Moments later, I arrived at an undisclosed location in far west Chelsea – up three levels in a non-descript building – on a rather quiet street.  When the elevator doors opened on three, I was shocked by what I saw: lots of unobstructed, lofty (as in polished-cement floors, painted-white exposed brick walls, expansive windows) event space.  I was met by a member of Electrolux‘s PR team who, with only 5-minutes to spare, politely directed me towards the demonstration, where I seated myself at a two-top table beside fellow blogger, Stephmodo.

The Electrolux name is prominently displayed on the gorgeous test kitchen.Electrolux’s breathtaking, full-size test kitchen.Electrolux’s CEO, Kevin Scott The fun began just as I took my seat!  I was presented with a ‘party ready mocktail,’ infused with lychee juice and fresh mint leaves, to whet my appetite for what was to come…

View from my seat! Before I could take a another sip of my mocktail, our “hostess with the mostess,” Kelly Ripa, got the party started!  From the moment she entered the Electrolux test kitchen, I was instantly drawn to and taken by her incredibly fun-loving, humorous, engaging, and magnetic personality/aura.  This is the kind of girl you *wish* you could become or, at the very least, could become friends with!  I’m so happy that I snagged a first row seat!

Kelly Ripa asks, ‘Are YOU Party Ready?’  So, what does ‘Are You Party Ready‘ mean, anyways?  Think about it: are you prepared to have an impromptu party at your house, say, TONIGHT?

Well, are you?

It’s a really good question, actually, because most of us are not.  And that’s why Kelly invited her friend and world famous chef/TV personality, Tom Colicchio, to teach us how to become ‘party ready.’

Tom Colicchio ignites the Electrolux stove.

Tom suggests keeping hard meats and nice cheeses as easy, ‘party ready’ snacks. And yes, salami jokes did ensue! 🙂Tom Colicchio’s ‘party ready’ cheese & meat platter with assorted jams, nuts, and figs.

You can’t be ‘party ready’ w/o a little ‘bubbly! Paired with cheese platter. For those of you who don’t see a flute of ‘bubbly and a platter of the world’s finest cheeses and charcuterie as a ‘party ready’ challenge and/or you already stock these items at home, then here’s something for you: pasta.  How many of you can whip up a restaurant-worthy bowl of noodles utilizing ingredients already in your pantry and fridge?  Maybe only Tom Colicchio!

Tom talks about the simplicity of his pasta ingredients: noodles, olive oil, garlic, broccoli rabe, anchovies, olives, black  pepper.

Kelly flinches as Tom adds anchovies to his pasta. Ew!!Kelly approaches, ready to “cut the cheese.”The finished product! Not only did I leave this amazing event completely star struck and in awe of Kelly & Tom, in a black Lincoln Town Car (thank god, because the rain was dreadful), with a full belly, new blog friends, awareness for a great cause, and hope to one day be wealthy enough to afford my own Electrolux kitchen – but Electrolux‘s PR team gifted each of us bloggers with an amazing “goodie bag” that contained: a Moleskine Recipe Journal, a slate cheese board, a bottle of Gruner Veltliner wine (which, by the way, pairs beautifully with pasta), and an autographed copy of Tom Colicchio’s Craft of Cooking: Notes and Recipes from a Restaurant Kitchen (cookbook).  Someone pinch me.  Please!

So, do you think you’re ‘party ready?’  Test your ‘Party Readiness’ here.  


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle


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